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Gondal As a Land of Literature

     Gondal  has given to world gifts of persons working on Literature. So, Gondal is also ahead in the field of Literature. Some of the persons who are working in the field of Literature were in Gondal for some or longer period of time. Well known persons like 'Dhumketu' (one of the Scholar in short story writers) had also worked in Gondal. We have provide with some short of information about these persons who have deep knowledge in Literary works and in touch of Gondal in any matters.

'Dhumketu' - Gaurishakar Joshi 


       Gaurishankar was the third son of Goverdhanram Joshi. He was born on 12th December 1892 at Virpur, a place near Rajkot and Gondal in Gujarat. State. His father Goverdhanram Joshi was a pure Brahmin and a man of culture and character.Gaurishankar served at Virpur School drawing a salary of four per month. During this period he was asked to read biographies, historical novels etc. before Khatijabibi, who was the head master’s wife. This habit made Guarishankar to take deep interest in literature.

       In 1908, he went to Bilkha a place close to Junagadh. He married Kashiben, the daughter of Guarishankar Bhatt. There was Nathuram Sharma’s Ashram in Bilkha. It had a library with a large collection of books. He took full advantage of it and graduated with Sanskrit and English in 1920. He served as a clerk at Gondal in railway for a year. In 1923, he left the government job and went to Ahmedabad and started teaching at the private school run by Ambalal Sarabhai (Father of Vikram Sarabhai). During this period his literary activities blossomed. His pen name ‘DHUMKETU’ (Nome - de - plume) became well known in Gujarati literature. He wrote 492 short stories. A collection of his short stories with the title ‘TANKHA’ was published in 1926. These four volumes of ‘TANKHA’ were a mile-stone in Gujarati literature. Dhumketu was a pioneer in short stories. His literary work inspired a new generation of writers.

         Along with short stories, he wrote novels, drama, stories and books for old people and children. In all, he published more than 250 books in the various fields of Gujarati literature.

       In 1935, he was awarded the meritorious Ranjitram Gold Medal, instituted by the Gujarat Sahitya Sabha for the best contribution to Gujarati literature, which he humbly refused. He was awarded Kavi Narmad Gold Medal for his devoted literary activities. He was an adviser to the Sahitya Academy, Delhi for Gujarati in 1957.He won the rare honour to represent India in a book published in the USA with the title “Stories From Many Lands”. This was a collection of the best stories from sixty countries. His story ‘The Letter’ (Post Office) found a place in it. Sahitya Academy, Delhi published this story in “Contemporary Indian Short Stories” and Penguin Books published in “The Best Loved Indian Stories of The Century” (vol. II).

       He passed away on 11th March 1965 giving many essential gifts to the Gujarati Literature.

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